Scott Jones

DJ / Presenter

A New World…….. Virtual Reality

I know the title sounds like a Jamiroquai song so sorry if you are reading this on false pretence. after a stressful week finalising details, sorting out prizes and selling tickets for my Mervyn King night I decided to take a step from this world and join a virtual happy one. For the first time I used the PlayStation VR headset with the PS4 console. you hear these stories of virtual reality and how it makes you feel like you actually in the game and forget you real surrounds. Like me you probably think this is a load of exaggerated rubbish. Let me take you the phrase of don’t knock it until you tried it.

My job in daytime is at Kidderminster College working in the IT department. Our games department have just been the lucky recipients of a brand new VR for the PS4. Thinking it would be rude not to test the new device out before letting the students loose on it I made my way to the games room. I was slightly nervous when putting on the headset as I realised that I could see what was going on around me in the real world. This said I manned up and looked through the choices of gaming available. I spotted the football based one which I thought would be perfect for me. Then looking into further I realised it was a heading game. Asif I didn’t look silly enough with this headset on I wasn’t going to add to it be head butting thin air. Instead I went for a puzzle type game where I had to work my way obstacles by physically making the hand movements like turning a tap. This is the point where I started to she what people mean. You forget you are playing a game and believe you are genuinely at war with robots. The believe of the game turns bad though when you fall of the edge of a sky scraper. I was also feeling a little ashamed of myself when I started ducking at objects that were coming towards me. Verdict on the experience is defiantly a good one, now I just need to find where I can buy from, Hello eBay.


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